SAIMC Strategic growth projects

The SAIMC has many initiatives where you are able to participate.  Including the events held by the branches the strategic projects identified will enable you to be part of the change we are aspiring to facilitate.  To be a part of the strategic projects you are welcome to join us on the forums to discuss your ideas on how this can be done.

Education and training

Join the SAIMC initiatives to further your knowledge and help others do the same

Thought leadership

The SAIMC aims to be the thought leaders within the African automation industry. Join our forum to be part of the initiatives.

SAIMC Growth

To be part of the initiatives focused on growing the membership base of the SAIMC you can also join our forum .

Message from the president

Dear reader

The SAIMC aims to collaborate with our industry partners to lead Africa in automation, in order to ensure that we keep up with the continuing evolution of this rapidly developing industry.

Strategically we have identified what the key growth areas for our society will be and for the next 5 years the SAIMC has the following key focus areas:

  • Automation thought leadership
    We need to ensure that we give relevant input to generate the required growth, governance and change in the automation industry.
  • Training and development
    Here we will be involved to ensure that the education system aligns with industry requirements. We will also ensure that we look inward to our own members to facilitate education and skills development.
  • SAIMC growth
    We are proud of the branches that continue to do well and the members that participate, but we would also like to extend our reach. Growth will ensure that we have the capacity to deliver what is required to better our industry.

Following the strategy session, the AGM was held and the new council for 2018 announced. I would personally like to welcome each member to their new or continuing role, and am looking forward to working with all of you. The new council, along with branch committee members, supporting patron members and individual members, will enable us to drive progress going forward.

I urge you to join your local branch to network with industry peers and to become part of our initiatives.
Together we can make a difference.

Annemarie van Coller

Patron Members