Vision and Mission


The organisation was originally founded in 1957 as The Instrument and Control Society of Southern Africa. The founding Chairman was Claude Klepp. The name was later changed to the SAIMC to incorporate developments in the industry. The Society was registered with the AS & TS in 1962. The name was further changed in 2009 at a Special General Meeting with unanimous approval to “The Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control" to embody the international nature of the Society.


To be the Society of choice, serving the needs of its members and stakeholders in the development of the measurement and control industry.


To advance the standards of theory and practice in the fields of measurement and control through:

Recognition - The achievement of the highest possible industry recognition for the Society and its members

Stature and Status - Enhancing the stature and status of members and Patrons

Recruitment - Encouraging recruitment to the industry

Education - Ensuring that adequate standards of education, and appropriate curricula are available at secondary and tertiary levels of education, and promoting mentorship programmes.

Continuing Education and Training - Encouraging continuing education and training to ensure that the knowledge and skills of all members are continually developed and refreshed.

Exchange of ideas - Providing a communication forum for the regular exchange of ideas, applications and technologies between members.

Friendships, alliances and business opportunities - Promoting, locally and internationally, friendships, alliances and business opportunities at all levels in professional yet informal surroundings.

Disseminating and communicating relevant information - Disseminating and communicating relevant information to the members and stakeholders in a controlled and co-ordinated manner.

Maintaining a source of technical information - Maintaining a library of relevant books, publications and periodicals, and other sources of information including the Society’s website, etc.

Terminology and Standards - To develop and improve, through effective means, the necessary terminology and standards in measurement and control theory and technology.

Administration - The provision of an administrative system which will at all times ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the Society.