SAIMC Strategic projects

As an organisation the SAIMC prides itself in being challenged and in turn challenges every person in the field of Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control to be part of our 2023 vision that is continuing to bring us success in our 3 strategic Projects. Be part of this change and lets ensure together we can achieve our industry is current, global and cutting edge. Our 3 strategic projects are:

Education and Training

Thought Leadership

SAIMC Growth

Be part of an organisation that is driving basic and tertiary education initiatives as well as  workshops to further your knowledge as well as others. Be part of a team that id defining our new automation qualification in RSA.

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The SAIMC aims to be the thought leaders within the African Automation Industry. Join our forum to be part of the initiatives that ensure we drive quality, standards and create a platform to drive latest technologies to improve our economy.

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To be part of the initiatives focused on ensuring we reach as many people in our field through our various programmes we offer through the and its partners. How do we get 100 bursaries by 2023? Join us in making a difference.

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Changing the Face of Automation

Pregs Naidoo, SAIMC Vice President, introduces the SAIMC to the audience


SAIMC Introduction.

Annemarie van Coller, SAIMC President,  introduces the audience to the Education and Training issues of the Automation industry 


SAIMC Issues

Dirk van Dyk, NTIP CEO, describes the NTIP program


NTIP Presentation

Ilse Karg – Chief Director, Future Industrial Production Technologies, Industrial Development Division, DTI describes DTI’s involvement in the program.


Fredré Meiring from Deliotte Consulting discusses various financial options.

Frans Nortje, Lead Strategist from Ingenious Evolution, describes the financial model in use by NTIP

Frans Nortje, Ilse Karg, Dirk van Dyk,, Fredré Meiring and Johan Maartens formed the panel during the Question and Answer session with Pregs Naidoo acting as the Moderator. 

The Team from left to right:

Marc Van Pelt – SAIMC Industry 4..0

Pregs Naidoo – SAIMC Growth

Ilse Karg – DTI

Dirk van Dyk – NTIP

Annemarie van Coller – SAIMC President

Johan Maartens – SAIMC Director & COO

Patron Members