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Message from the president

Dear SAIMC stakeholders

I would like to give you exciting feedback regarding the progress of SAIMC’s involvement in the NTIP / IFPTI initiative

We (Annemarie van Coller, Vinesh Maharaj, Marc Van Pelt and Johan Maartens) attended a meeting in Cape Town on the 14th of June ,where the Minister of Trade and Industry , Dr Rob Davies officially launched the new “INSIMBI Future Production Technologies Initiative” program

The model that will be followed by the FTPI going forward is based on the model used by the tooling industry (the NTPI) that has been proven effective to train individuals while maintaining quality.

As the SAIMC we will continually be involved in discussions driving progress to ensure that the education model suites what industry needs.

The initiative will be a collaboration between the DTI(department of trade and industry), Intsimbi (Instsimbi future production technologies initiative), NTIP (National Technologies Implementation Platform and Industry

From the SAIMC we will continually participate to ensure that we are the leading voice for Factory – and Process Automation in this initiative to ensure that industry is represented effectively and that our requirements are addressed.    Johan Maartens ( leader of the SAIMC strategic training initiative and COO) and Marc Van Pelt (Project Manager for the Industry 4.0 strategic initiative and chairman of the IIG) will be actively involved to ensure that we enable all our stakeholders to achieve excellence.

Once Council and IFPTI have signed the MoU we will share it to ensure all stakeholder are aligned going forward

Annemarie van Coller

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