Alternate Titles:

Inside sales:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Inside Sales Engineer
  • Technical Support Specialist

Outside sales:

  • Field Sales
  • Automation Product Manager
  • Area Sales Representative
  • Regional Sales Representative
  • Industry Sales Representative
  • Account Representative
  • Sales Engineer
  • Product Marketing Manager

Automation Sales/Marketing Professionals advise and assist clients and customers on the application, purchase, installation, and maintenance of available products and systems. They help companies find the right products to improve the efficiency, output, and safety of manufacturing and industrial processing operations.

Domain I: Customer Focus

Task 1: Initiate and maintain internal/external customer contacts.

Task 2: Identify customer requirements

Task 3: Provide customer service.

Task 4: Keep customers informed

Task 5: Document and communicate customer requirements to team members

Domain II: Industry and Product Knowledge

Task 1: Demonstrate knowledge of systems processes, applications, and standardssupporting the design and application of automation.

Task 2: Demonstrate knowledge of automation devices and their function.

Task 3: Develop a preliminary automation strategy that matches the degree of automation required by the customer’s requirements.

Task 4: Perform continuous improvement by working with facility personnel in order to increase capacity, reliability, and/or efficiency

Domain III: Training and Technical Support

Task 1: Provide technical support for facility personnel by applying system expertise in order to maximize system availability.

Task 2: Perform training needs analysis periodically for facility personnel using skill assessments in order to establish objectives for training programs.

Task 3: Provide training for facility personnel by addressing identified objectives to ensure the skill level of personnel is adequate for the technology and products used in the system.

Task 4: Evaluate training interventions to determine effectiveness and document lessons learned to improve future training efforts.

Domain IV: Organizational – Business Systems

Task 1: Demonstrate knowledge of basic business principles, trends, and economics.

Task 2: Act in the best interest of the company, co-workers, community, other stakeholders, and the environment.

Task 3: Manage projects to bring about successful completion of the project and/or sales goals

Task 4: Use internal and external customer resources effectively

Task 5: Apply knowledge of business practices.

Domain V: Sales and Marketing

Task 1: Contact new and existing customers to discuss their needs and how automation solutions can meet those needs.

Task 2: Maintain customer records using automated systems

Task 3: Negotiate prices and terms of sales and service agreements.

Task 4: Prepare sales contracts.

Task 5: Track sales against goals and established standards.

Also see Automation Sales-Marketing Professional