The SAIMC NPC is registered as a Voluntary Association of the Engineering Council of South Africa.

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!! Attention !!


If you have problems logging your CPD points on the ECSA website, please make sure that you have followed the instructions you received from ECSA in order to regsiter on their site for CPD points.

Training Providers

If you have given a course that has been validate by the SAIMC for CPD points, please ensure that you hand them a certificate with the SAIMC registration number on it. Professionals need this to claim their CPD points.

Application for course registration

The SAIMC NPC, as a Voluntary Association of the Engineering Council of South Africa, has been given the authority to evaluate training courses, lectures etc. for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points.

How to register your training course for CPD points with the SAIMC:

You will be required to complete the following document in order for the SAIMC to register your company if you have not yet done that. (Registration for CPD requires more information than is required for Patron membership).

The process is as follows (please remember that the SAIMC NPC will only validate courses that are of Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control nature):

  1. Company regsitration – 2018 CPD Company application template
  2. A copy of your advertisement
  3. You will then receive a quote
  4. If your company works with Purcahse Orders, then this is the time to send us the PO
  5. You then send us the complete set of material for evaluation. Please note that we have limited space to store paper and we therefore prefer electronic media.
  6. The evaluation will take place and you will receive confirmation of the points as well as the CPD number.
  7. After payment has been received, the regsitration of the course will be sent to ECSA to load on their website.
  8. We request that you send the evaluation forms of your event (evaluation forms completed by the attendees after the event) to for our records.

Please note the following:

In the case where the course consists of licensed software that cannot be handed over to the SAIMC or in the case of a workshop, the SAIMC reserves the right to send one person to the event in order to do the evaluation. In that case, you will be able to market your course as “CPD pending”.

In the case of issues

Should the evaluation forms show critical issues with the event, the forms will be discussed with you for any action should that be required.

Chief Operating Officer