What does IIG stand for?

IIG is the acronym for Industrial Instrumentation Group

What is the IIG?

The IIG consists of leaders of the Instrumentation industry who decided to get together informally.

Code of Ethics

The objective of this Code of Ethics is to ensure that the IIG operates in a transparent and open manner with high moral values and norms.

  1. The IIG members are expected to work with integrity and to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of their contractual obligation and to handle all business transactions with fairness, fidelity and honesty and in accordance with the Laws of the Land.
  2. Members are expected to operate with due regard to public safety and health of their employees and to protect the environment by not employing any harmful practices.
  3. The IIG believes in an economic system based on private ownership, free market mechanism and reward through profit and risk taking and therefore expects members to organize their business administration effectively and maintain adequate financial resources to meet their obligations.
  4. Because competition is the lifeblood of the economic system, members agree that they will not collude or engage in any anti-competitive behavior between themselves. Further that competition will be conducted on an ethical basis without resorting to improper payments, bribes or inducement to customers.
  5. Members are expected to indenture apprentices to meet their further technical staffing needs and to be actively engaged in the training of those apprentices as well as training of the skilled manpower in their employ. They should also provide the necessary resources to ensure that their employees develop and perform to Industry and International requirements.
  6. The IIG believes in equal opportunities for all persons and is opposed to discrimination on the basis of race, creed, colour, religion and gender and agrees to actively provide opportunities for suppliers and sub-contractors from previously disadvantaged communities. Further members agree that they have a responsibility to the community in which they operate and they will therefore provide opportunities for the development of the underprivileged through Affirmative Action Programmes.
  7. Members agree not to enrich themselves through the use of illicit business practices and not to benefit from the use of other members spare parts and equipment not obtainable through official channels and to alert other members should information with regard to the theft and/or use of stolen spare parts and equipment become known to that member personally.
  8. Members agree to provide honest statistics to the Administrator of the Association according to agreed parameters and can expect that these statistics be kept confidential by the Administrator and will not be imparted to other members or non-members in any form.
  9. Members of the IIG agree not to make derogatory statements about the Industry or other Association members to the News Media and will protect the integrity of the Association and its members at all times.
  10. In the event of a member company contravening a provision of the Code of Ethics, the disciplinary procedure specified in the IIG Constitution will be followed