National Patron Members

National Patron Member Benefits

National Patron Membership are for those companies whose activities are country wide.

Current Advantages:

By joining as a National Patron Member, you are contributing to the success of the SAIMC and therefore earn to be recognized as such.

·         The logos of all our National Patron Members prominently display at every event organized by all SAIMC Branches

·         Any training courses being run by Patron Members will be advertised at no cost to them by means of circulation to all SAIMC members.

·         National Patrons will receive discount for their courses to be evaluated for CPD purposes.

·         National members will also have their logo displayed on the landing page of the SAIMC website and at the SAIMC annual Gala Dinner (Arguably the most prominent event in the industry)

·         Any new updates received from National Patron Members will be displayed on screen by every Branch before and after meetings and functions

Additional Benefits

  • Branches may add benefits to their Branch Patron members after the impact has been assessed by Council.
  • Branches may hold mini exhibition for their branch members which includes the National Patron members with the proviso that National Patron members who are interested in the mini exhibition have contributed to a branch in any of the following ways:
    • Sponsored and presented during at least one Technical evening OR
    • Took at least one sponsorship during the branch’s Golf Day OR
    • Entered at least one team in the branch’s Golf Day OR
    • Provided at least one sponsorship in one form or another (determined by the branch)

These provisos are intended to eliminate any bad feelings between the Branch Patron members who are supporting a particular branch directly and the National Patron members. The Branch Patron have expressed their view that larger companies are not contributing directly to a branch’s activities and then wants to overpower them during these exhibitions while the National Patron members feel they are contributing to the SAIMC and not just to a branch.


National Patron Advisory Committee

Topics for discussion: 

  1. Automation Pavilion and Process Shows
  2. NTIP
  3. Meetings

Automation Pavilion: Process Shows to be considered:

  1. My Future 4.0
  2. Manufacturing Indaba
    1. Johannesburg
    2. Kwa-Zulu Natal
    3. Eastern Cape
    4. Western Cape
  3. Electra Mining


Future Advantages

The SAIMC is preparing for the compulsory registration of all Technicians, Technologists and Engineers working in the field of Automation and here we are talking specifically about Process Automation and Factory Automation.

When this happens (and it is now in the final stages of negotiations), it will cost our Patron members a lot of money to register all their staff.

In order to alleviate these problems, the SAIMC is currently working on a scheme whereby Patron members will be able to get discounted membership for their staff based on their status.

We will update you as soon as we have assessed the impact of this initiative. You are welcome to send any comments you might have to our COO at 

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