What are Patron Members?

Patron Membership are corporations, associations, organisations or Societies, whether legally incorporated or not, which have, in the opinion of the SAIMC Council, objectives allied to, or of benefit to, the Society’s objective and whose membership of the Society would appropriately recognise the contribution of such body to the industry, and be beneficial to the Society, in the opinion of the Council.

The management of a Patron Member organisation nominates a person who shall preferably be a Member of the Society to represent their interests at meetings of the Society and who shall act as their correspondent with the Society.

Patron members benefit by assisting the SAIMC in furthering the following for the industry as a whole:


The achievement of the highest possible industry recognition for the Society and its members. In this area the SAIMC has embarked on two initiatives:

  • Recognition of companies who are committed to the advancement of theory and practice in the fields of automation, instrumentation, measurement and control.
  • Recognition of companies who have significantly invested in their personnel in the area of automation, instrumentation, measurement and control.
National Patron Member Benefits
Branch Patron Member Benefits


Encouraging recruitment to the industry. Every company making use of this technology would like to ensure that they obtain the services of the best our country has to offer. These resources need to be “mined” and the SAIMC has embarked on a program that will ensure that the younger generation will be introduced into the field of automation, instrumentation, measurement and control to the benefit of every employer.

Stature and Status

Enhancing the stature and status of members and patrons.The SAIMC has embarked on a program in which patron members will receive annual recognition for their role within the field of automation, instrumentation, measurement and control as indicated above.


Ensuring that adequate standards of education and appropriate curricula are available at secondary and tertiary levels of education, and promoting mentorship programs. After companies have employed personnel in the field of automation, instrumentation, measurement and control it is important that these employees are educated in all the different technologies, standards and applications within this field. The SAMIC plays a major role in educating these personnel to the benefit of every patron member.

Continuing Education and Traininig

  • Encouraging continuing education and training to ensure that the knowledge and skills of all members are continually developed and refreshed
  • The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) has, together with the worldwide body of registered professionals in this area, developed a mechanism in which professionals may participate in the continuous development of their professionals. The SAIMC is one of the Voluntary Associations that evaluate and grade the material. As a Patron member of the SAIMC, your company is entitled to a 30% reduction in evaluation fees. This direct monetary benefit alone more than covers the cost of becoming and remaining a Patron member of the SAIMC.

Exchange of Ideas

Providing a communication forum for the regular exchange of ideas, applications and technologies between members. This platform often creates an environment for the employees of Patron members that are more productive than formal training sessions with members who share their knowledge across vendors.

Friendships, Alliances and Business Opportunities

Promoting, locally and internationally, friendships, alliances and business opportunities at all levels in professional yet informal surroundings. This “phone a friend” platform is where the employees of Patron members can ask for assistance and give advice to the benefit of all employees

Disseminating and Communicating Relevant Information

Disseminating and communicating relevant information to the members and stakeholders in a controlled and co-coordinated manner. In order to ensure that the employees of Patron members are always kept up to date with the latest technology as well as up to date with current as and past technology, the SAIMC has created a couple of platforms to distribute this information including a web site, newsletters and a communication forum on LinkedIn.

Terminology and Standards

To develop and improve, through effective means, the necessary terminology and standards in measurement and control theory and technology. Patron members need to ensure that their companies apply the correct technology and standard for their business. The SAIMC covers this and creates as well as participates in platforms in which these terminologies and standards are developed.

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