If you would like to do business with the SAIMC or you are in the process of doing business with the SAIMC, you need to be aware of these new rules the SAIMC Council has put in place
  1. The SAIMC never enters into any verbal contracts or agreements and never participates in any verbal contracts or agreements.
  2. No member of the SAIMC is allowed to enter into a verbal contract or agreement involving the SAIMC or its branches and other structures.
  3. All contracts in the name of the SAIMC has to be written, in line with the South African laws and signed by the SAIMC General Treasurer AS WELL AS any of SAIMC’s Directors.
  4. The SAIMC does not obtain the services of any consultant unless signed by the SAIMC GeneralTreasurer and at least one director of the SAIMC.