The SAIMC has found it necessary to implement a Code of Conduct in line with that of the Engineering Council of South Africa in order to provide rules of behavior that is acceptable for the SAIMC, its members and is fitting to the status of the automation, instrumentation and control industry.

The SAIMC recognizes that the activities of the Society is for the net benefit of the South African community over and above the interests of any individual, SAIMC member or company.

By paying the membership fees members commit to adhere to the Code of Conduct and other regulations of the SAIMC.


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that guidelines are available to our members regarding the conduct that is acceptable to the SAIMC. Due to the nature of our business people from competing suppliers and users come together at Technical evenings and other functions and it is important that guidelines are put in place to prevent non – compliant behavior in any form taking place.

The SAIMC’s main goals are lobbying within the industry, development of technical standards, research and the development of the people within our industry making our members and their employers successful in business.

Often companies request confirmation that a person is a member of the SAIMC. When this happens, it is important that the company understands what can be expected from such a member. The SAIMC will not tolerate members pretending to have the skills, knowledge and expertise they do not actually have. Although it is difficult for the SAIMC to police this, companies can rest assured in the fact that if this type of misbehavior comes to our attention, the SAIMC will take the necessary actions to deal with the matter.

Rules of Conduct: Ethics

Members of the SAIMC in fulfilling the objectives contemplated in clause 1 above must comply with the following rules:


  • Must discharge their duties to their employers, clients, associates and the public with integrity, fidelity and honesty;
  • Must not undertake work under conditions or terms that would compromise their ability to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with acceptable professional standards;
  • Must not engage in any act of dishonesty, corruption or bribery;
  • Must avoid any perceived, real or potential conflict of interest;
  • May neither personally nor through any other person, improperly seek to obtain work, or by way of commission or otherwise, make or offer to make payment to a client or prospective client for obtaining such work;
  • Must notify Council immediately if they become aware of a violation of these Rules by any other member of the SAIMC
  • Shall uphold the principles of an consensus – based approach through openness, transparency, balance and respect for each member in alignment with internationally recognized principles of consensus.

Dignity of the Profession

Members of the SAIMC: –

  • Must order their conduct so as to uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the profession;
  • May not, whether practicing their profession or otherwise, knowingly injure the professional reputation or business of any other member of the SAIMC;
  • May not advertise their professional services in a self-laudatory manner that is derogatory to the dignity of the profession

Abiding by the Laws

The SAIMC is committed to comply with the promulgated national and provincial legislation, regulations, and by laws of South Africa including (but not limited to):

  • Competition Act 89 of 1998
  • Protection of Personal Information Act 2013